Father John CelebratingIn July of 1994 Father John T. Judie, a Roman Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Louisville in Kentucky, was privileged to experience a six-month sabbatical in East Africa.  He spent his first four months in the county of Tanzania (with one-week visit to Kenya) and the remaining two in the county of Zambia.  During that time, Fr. Judie was able to share in the life of the people in many area of both countries, as well as minister to some of their personal and spiritual needs.  Most importantly, he discovered the fact that the people lived a lifestyle based on some very positive qualities: some family values, personal time spent with one another, the important of community and respect for elders.  At the same time, this American priest witnessed the life and ministry of the Church in areas of extreme economic poverty and social deprivation.

Since his return to the United States, Fr. Judie has given a series of formal talks and slide presentations on his East Africa experiences, re-educating Americans about the "other side" of life among our African brothers and sisters.  These talks and presentations are also intended to inform and enlighten those of us in the western culture about the great needs of a people who continue to live in dire economic poverty.  Many individuals have begun to respond to some of these needs already, thus enabling Fr. Judie to provide assistance to the people of East Africa in four major areas: Clothing, Education, Clergy Support, and Formation.

Fr. John Judie Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose goal is to conduct Christian ministry to the people of the word and, specifically, to the people of Kentuckiana and East Africa.  This incorporation was legally established in April 1995 and has been given tax exempt status (under Section 501-c) assigned by the United States Department of the Treasury.  Thus, all donations to the ministries are tax-deductible. 

Fr. John was interviewed about the ministries 20th Anniversary. If you would like to watch the 8 minute video please click here.

Fr. John has written a wonderful essay which we invite you to read: "Reflections On 10 Years of Ministry".